Workplace Health Services

Occupational Health is no longer a luxury for large companies but a critical part of any business.

Your most valuable and quite often most expensive asset…

Prevention is more cost-affective than cure. ABC offer the full range of available health screens.

Many referrals to our OH Service are for the management of absence, be it a long term absence issues or recurring periods of absence or…

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More efficient and communicative than our previous provider with good feedback

Occupational Health Services

ABC has made occupational health Services affordable and accessible to all companies.

Would you operate machinery or vehicles without regular maintenance schedules?

So why not apply the same principles to your most precious resource, your staff?

Find out how providing the right Occupational health services can actually save you money!

At  ABC we  fully understand the commercial aspects of providing  Occupational Health services. Our objective is to provide a cost-effective Occupational Health service and provide you with information and feedback wherever possible to show a return on your investment.

For many of our clients the reduced level of absenteeism equals increased productivity and with less management time spent on health absence issues, the Occupational Health Services have paid for them self and can actually contribute to your profitability.

Review your current Occupational Health Services

Requesting a review of your current position and an informal discussion on what we can offer will cost you only time. We can  tailor Our Occupational Health Services  to your specific needs and in return this could save you money.

Screening Services

Health screening can help reduce the incidence of sickness absence by identifying a potential health problem before it begins to affect workplace performance. Prevention is more cost-affective than cure.

Absence Management

Having an absence management policy proves very cost effective and helps reduce the incidence of long term sickness problems.

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More & more Companies are providing well person days or a health MOT as a benefit to their employees and whilst this is seen as a real staff benefit and helps make employees feel valued and an incentive to retain staff, it also ensures that you are working to reduce the incidence of employees having time off…

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We at ABC Northwest offer a range of occupational health services: alternative therapies, physiotherapy, travel clinic, specialist medicals and much more. Our North West occupational health services are easily accessible and affordable for everyone. Occupational health is abbreviated as OH and works to support people to stay healthy in a working environment. The key principle…

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Why Refer & Why on Site Referrals to OH Service are usually triggered by the sickness & absence policy or a fit for work issue. Having one of our Occupational Health Advisors, Practitioners or Occupational Physicians attend your site is easy to arrange. Arrange a convenient appointment time or often it may be part of a routine site…

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