Occupational Health

Occupational Health is no longer a luxury for large companies but a critical part of any business.

Your most valuable and quite often most expensive asset in your organisation is your employees and just like any other work place asset they need to be looked after and maintained.

The workplace has a significant impact on people’s health and well-being. Poor management of workplace health can lead to work-related ill health becoming a problem along with high levels of sickness and absence.

Ill health and absence are estimated to cost UK business in the region of 29 billion pounds every year.

This figure amounts to an average of 9.1 days off sick per year, showing that sickness and absence is a key business issue, and a key indicator of how well an organisation is managed.

The impact on the business can be helped by investment in an Occupational Health service. Services include health awareness programs, absence management services, key health screening and others. The effect can be an improvement in the bottom line and a return on the initial investment.

Quality, cost-effective, Occupational Health Services.

Services provided by ABC North West Ltd. give a quality service at a no-nonsense fair cost which is tailored to your individual needs. We will deliver a service as a full on or off site package of health surveillance, health prevention, screening and absence referral service. Alternatively we will deliver the parts of the service you need as and when you need them. We can advise and assist you in determining your needs and then you can take as much or as little of our services as you require.

ABC North West Ltd Occupational Health service has been operating now for over 8 years and has a number of clients who have benefited from the service provided, ranging from those with a few employees to those with several hundred employees and sometimes clients with multiple locations throughout the country.

Our services range from ad hoc requirements to full service delivery of several days per month and all of this is tailored to a client’s individual needs.

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