Flu Vaccinations

Requirement to Test

Seasonal flu can hit an organisation hard with thousands of pounds in lost time and productivity and irrespective of your organisations size you can offer a vaccination program. The best time to carry out a program is during October and November when vaccines are more easily available as sometimes they can be difficult to obtain. Whilst for the majority of us influenza is not a serious illness it can spread very easily and offering a vaccination program reduces the risk in contracting influenza, whilst it does not prevent the common cold it does protect from the more severe symptoms associated with the flu. Vaccination programs also demonstrate a commitment to your employee’s wellbeing.

Protection develops about a week after receiving the vaccine and there are very minimal side effects such as slight discomfort in the arm where they have been injected and occasionally an elevated temperature or headache but normally lasts only 24hrs.

Test Detail

Minimal site facilities are required and our experienced nursing team provide all the required equipment and will screen via a questionnaire if anyone is not suitable for vaccination which is very rare. Costs for a program will largely depend on numbers of vaccines and availability.


The vaccination program is quick efficient and causes minimal disruption to your working program. The actual vaccination process takes approx. 5 minutes. A pre vaccination questionnaire should have been completed and after administration we ask the person to wait 10 minutes to ensure no adverse reactions which are extremely rare.

Health Records

As part of the vaccination process the Practitioner will gather both personal and medical information which is kept confidential.

Management Report

A summary report detailing which employees have been vaccinated will be provided for your records.