Fork Lift Truck Medicals (FLT)

Requirement to Test

The HSE guidance on medical standards for drivers is taken from the DVLA driver’s medical unit although they do not have responsibility for licencing work place drivers, following the guidance there is best practice and is what we adopt. The HSE suggests you screen all existing and potential workplace transport operators for fitness before employment and at five-yearly intervals from age 45. A workplace transport operator who continues after age 65 should have annual assessments for fitness.

An assessment after an absence of more than one month or after a shorter absence if it is likely that the illness has affected the worker’s fitness to operate workplace transport is also recommended.

Test Detail

This test comprises of a comprehensive questionnaire to provide a background of the individual’s general health and identify any potential risks. The actual medical assessment includes BP Check, mobility and dexterity assessment, a urinalysis, vision test and an audiometry assessment such as clinical whisper test or audiogram

Test Duration

Provided the questionnaire is completed prior to testing, then the physical test process takes approx. 20 to 30 minutes to complete.


The FLT Testing falls under the Management of Health & safety at Work regulations 1999 and the DVLA Standards and guidance in the PUWER and LOLER regulations 1998

Health Records

As part of the test process the Health Practitioner will gather personal medical information which is kept confidential. All such records will be kept off site with the OH provider or if a suitably locked filing system is provided on site to which only the OH Provider has sole access then this enables us to keep records with the employer. An Employee may consent to records being viewed or kept by the employer or being disclosed to a third party.

Management Report

A summary of the employee’s results along with the required fit to work sign off where applicable, will be made available along with details of any further referrals advised and any information to enable the management of any health or safety related matters or details of any further action the employer needs to take.