OH Needs Assessment

Requirement to Provide

Some companies have a good understanding of their Occupational Health Needs and will engage a provider with specific requirements.

However for many companies especially if embarking on an Occupational Health service provision for the first time or changing from a long standing provider will benefit from an occupational health needs assessment.

The purpose of conducting a health needs assessment is to ascertain the client’s needs and to assist in identifying the type and level of resource and service required to meet those needs. The process will raise issues, highlight problem areas and engage employees and management.

The process will enable us to provide the business with a menu of options with must have requirements, should have requirements and then the nice to have options that can be part of an occupational Health Service.

What the Assessment will cover

An assessment should involve us meeting with key personnel to enable us to understand the organisational structure, objectives and culture. This often involves senior management, HR, Health & Safety, Employee Reps and Union Reps where applicable.

We try to understand the demographic nature of the work force and obtain an understanding of current absence trends, work related injuries, long term health issues.

We would look at the general job roles, work processes and look at equipment used and look at any Hazard and Risk considerations. We would look at existing control measures and examine any policies and procedures in place and discuss existing OH provision and records if any.

It is important that we understand at this stage the client’s expectations and long term aspirations for service.

Service Levels

From this needs assessment ABC will be able to agree with clients the service level required and will cost the provision based on this needs assessment.

How Long Does the Assessment take

We like to allow for a Half Day to conduct the assessment and dependant on the size of the organisation and site, some assessments will be quicker than others.

Health Records

Where existing Health records exist and subject to the necessary Data Protection issues it would be useful for us to have a look at the extent of any available existing records.