Pre-Employment… Fit For Work Assessments

Requirement to Test

The traditional pre-employment medical is now replaced by fit for work assessments whereby a person is assessed to ensure they are fit to perform the tasks they are expected to undertake effectively and without risk to their own or others health and safety. The assessment is job specific and must also take account of any required standards that may be relevant to specific roles such as but not limited to Divers, Flight Crew, professional drivers etc. The assessment must be undertaken following the offer of employment having been made (subject to satisfactory health clearance) in order to comply with the equalities act.

Anyone commencing duties which may be affected by their pre-existing medical condition or which could affect health should be assessed. Sometimes adjustments to the environment, equipment or duties may enable an individual to undertake the duties more effectively

Test Detail

There is normally a tiered approach to the process which initially involves a specific questionnaire often referred to as a paper screen, following which this is reviewed and a decision can be made as fit for work which is in the majority of cases. On occasions a further OH Advisor assessment is required either as a telephone consultation or face to face assessment or a more detailed medical professional report needs to be sought.


The questionnaire should take no more than 15 minutes to complete and once received, the ABC Advisor a decision will be communicated normally within 24 hours.


The requirement to undertake assessments falls under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health & safety at Work regulations 1999. There may also be specific legislation and codes of practice for certain professions as mentioned earlier. Also employers must take into account the Equality Act 2010 (EA) so as not to discriminate against anyone.

Health Records

As part of the process the Advisor will gather personal medical information which is kept confidential. All such records will be kept off site with the OH provider or if a suitably locked filing system is provided on site to which only the OH Provider has sole access then this enables us to keep records with the employer. An Employee may consent to records being viewed or kept by the employer or being disclosed to a third party.

Management Report

A summary report along with the required fit to work sign off where applicable, will be provided. Advised will be any information to enable the management of any health or safety related matters or details of any further action the employer needs to take or assessments advised.