Remote Referrals – Absence Management – Fit for work

Why Refer & Why Remote

Referrals to OH Service are usually triggered by the sickness & absence policy or a fit for work issue. Any Referral can be undertaken remotely.

Using a remote service is quick, very cost effective and proven to be very successful as compared to a face to face consultation. This service is ideal where a company has multiple locations and you wish to have a consistent service as we can have the same advisor cover multiple locations from a central point. This ensures a consistent service and advice level, no need for costly office space tied up, less stress on the employee, reduced costs in time and travel expense and no waiting to arrange on site visits.

The service can be initiated immediately and consultations arranged quickly and reports returned normally within 24 hrs. Clients are often concerned initially that undertaking the process remotely is not as effective as a face to face consultation but our success rate in returning individuals to work is testimony to its proven success and with some very high profile clients.

Format & Duration of consultation

We normally allocate 45 minutes for the telephone consultation and some cases will be concluded quicker than others, but from receipt of referral request we contact you and obtain any clarification from the referral form and we will arrange a convenient time for the call. We initiate three attempts to make the telephone consultation at the allocated time. During the call the employee undergoes a structured and detailed questioning process to ascertain the extent of the problem referred for and to try and identify any underlying issues and determine the extent of the problem and how and when we may be able return the individual to full and effective employment and identify and agree the next stage in the process. Often this is concluded in this initial consultation. On occasions there may be a need for follow up reviews or a request made to their GP or specialist for medical reports.

Health Records… GP & Specialist reports

The Practitioner will gather both personal & medical information which is kept confidential. All such records will be kept off site with the provider. An Employee may consent to records being viewed or disclosed to a third party if necessary. On occasions we may obtain a GP or specialist report and we will obtain the necessary consent for this and will ask the appropriate questions to obtain maximum benefit from the report. Costs for the obtaining such reports are charged by the GP or specialist and these charges are passed on accordingly & something over which we have no control although we will try to limit costs and also try to request a prompt response as again we have no control over response times but this normally can take up to 4 weeks.

Management Report

A summary report of the consultation will be issued normally within 24hrs very rarely does this take longer and the report will detail any actions required by the employer or employee, when return to work may be expected, any reasonable adjustment s that may be required and if the issues indicate consideration under the equality act 2010 and any follow up process.