On Site OH Service

Requirement to Provide

Having onsite Occupational Health provision is a service which can be outsourced to ABC.

Whilst no legal requirement for an onsite service exists other than where health surveillance or screening programs may be required, but for many organisations they find a real benefit to having the ability to refer employees or allow employees to self-refer to an occupational health professional.

ABC can offer their services on site for single days or a weekly, monthly or quarterly service to attend site and deliver a full occupational Health remit. The time on site can be spent providing health screening, surveillance, health advice, absence management.

ABC can provide all the required equipment or can use facilities that you may already have existing. ABC can work alongside your own in house team if required during busy periods or for holiday cover etc.

Service Levels

ABC will agree with clients the service level required and will cost the provision based on a needs assessment and the service can be an agreed contract duration or an ad hoc requirement. The service is totally flexible around your needs.

Health Records

As part of the service, the Advisor will gather personal medical information which is kept confidential. All such records will be kept on site in a suitably locked filing system to which only the OH Provider has sole access. An Employee may consent to records being viewed or disclosed to a third party.

Management Reporting

A summary report system will be agreed along with the required fit to work sign off where applicable. Information to enable the management of any health or safety related matters or details of any further action the employer needs to take or assessments advised will be provided.

Also ABC will be able to provide valuable analytical data on health trends, health issues, and stress indicators which enables a business to target key areas and it can also provide absence improvement statistics showing how the service offers a return on investment.