Well Person Clinics

Requirement to Test

Whilst there is no legal requirement to provide Well Person Clinics or general health checks for employees, other than those statutory required for certain occupational hazards or risks, but there are many benefits to promoting healthy life styles.

Well Person Clinics are aimed at health promotion and trying to prevent a more serious condition from developing. Some conditions and health issues can be identified early with simple routine checks.  Well person clinics are a very cost effective employee benefit and could prevent a more serious long term health issue which could have an impact on the individual and on the business.

Many companies have adopted well person clinics as an annual health promotion event. They can be promoted as well man and well woman clinics where employees can have a basic health MOT, ask questions, discuss lifestyle and these sessions can incorporate as much or as little in the way of testing as you or the employee chooses and are confidential sessions which demonstrate to employees that the business does care about their well being.


Well Person Clinics can be tailored to individual organisational needs and can be delivered at times to suit clients, breakfast and lunch time events have been delivered and work well or when delivered as part of a wider corporate event or activity.ABC are pleased to discuss and advise from their experience of delivering such activities.

Test Detail

These sessions are completely flexible in the time duration and content and can be simple drop in sessions or structured appointments from 10 to 30 minutes and typically would involve a healthy life style discussion or questionnaire and would normally include a body mass index BMI assessment, for height and weight along with blood pressure monitoring and a look at any life style risk factors. Many more tests can be incorporated such as urine analysis, cholesterol testing, hearing vision etc.


The requirement to provide such services is not under specific legislation but could be considered as part of a company’s commitment to health and safety and would be seen as good practice.

Health Records

As part of the process the Advisor will discuss personal medical information which is kept confidential and any advice given is between the practitioner and the employee.

Management Report

No formal management feedback will be provided on individuals, but a general summary of findings will be advised although this will be completely anonymised but may identify areas for further consideration.