Management Referral

Why Refer?

Referrals to OH Service are usually triggered by the sickness & absence policy or a fit for work issue.

Currently at ABC North West Ltd we do not offer this service in house but outsource to a specialist Occupational Health Physician and we can make the necessary arrangements and handle the paperwork and reporting for you.

Having one of our Occupational Health Professionals review an individual employee is a process which can be an on or off site appointment.  Please bear in mind on site appointments require some coordination and may sometimes involve a half-day session given travel time and time on site etc, therefore it is often more cost effective for employees to visit our service.

The service provides for either a face to face consultation with the individual employee or in some instances a telephone referral can be appropriate. The options available will be discussed on a case by case basis.

Format & Duration of consultation

We normally allocate 60 minutes for the consultation and appreciate some cases will be concluded quicker than others. On receipt of referral request we will contact you and ask you to complete a referral form. In addition we may request further statements, screening records and any medical records you may have available which are relevant to the case and contact you to clarify specific points.

During the appointment the employee undergoes a structured and detailed questioning process to ascertain the extent of the problem and undergo any necessary physical examination. We will try to identify any underlying issues and determine the extent of the problem and be able to answer the questions raised in the referral, including how and when we may be able return the individual to full and effective employment and identify and agree the next stage in the process, which may include recommendations on reasonable adjustments.

Our aim is to try and conclude our findings in this initial consultation. On occasions there may be a need for follow up reviews or a request  needs to be made to their GP or specialist for medical reports.

Health Records… GP & Specialist reports

On the occasions where we feel it may be beneficial to obtain a GP or specialist report, we will obtain the necessary consent for this and advise you prior of our advise regarding this. We will ask the appropriate questions when requesting reports so as to obtain maximum benefit from the report. Costs for the obtaining such reports are charged by the GP or specialist and these charges are passed on accordingly & something over which we have no control, although we will try to limit costs. We will also try to request a prompt response as again we have no control over response times but this can take up to 4 weeks.

The Practitioner will gather both personal & medical information which is kept confidential. All such records will be kept off site with the provider. An Employee may consent to records being viewed or disclosed to a third party if necessary.

Management Report

A summary report of the consultation will be issued normally within 48hrs, very rarely does this take longer and the report will detail any actions required by the employer or employee, when return to work may be expected, any reasonable adjustment s that may be required and if the issues indicate consideration under the equality act 2010 and any follow up process that may be advised.


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