Highly Effective North West Occupational Health Services

We at ABC Northwest offer a range of occupational health services: alternative therapies, physiotherapy, travel clinic, specialist medicals and much more. Our North West occupational health services are easily accessible and affordable for everyone.
Occupational health is abbreviated as OH and works to support people to stay healthy in a working environment. The key principle of this service is to ensure the wellbeing of the working population. Work related health issues can be a problem and should be dealt with accordingly. Therefore, the ABC Northwest Occupational Health Service provides exactly that. Remember, maintaining healthy lifestyles in the workplace as well as daily life is important.

Included in Our North West Occupational Health Services

One of the best forms of occupational health services provided by us is the range of alternative therapies. You can relax with a range of stress relieving massages (Indian Head massage), or how about a soothing Aromatherapy session? We have the most professional and qualified staff employed to provide our North West occupational health services. So you can rest assured that you are in capable hands.

The Travel Clinic is extremely important as we all enjoy holidays, breaks abroad. Therefore, our travel clinic is always providing all sorts of medical advice, such as: health risks immunisation. These are each vital and equally important aspects of occupational health service.
All ABC Northwest Health Services are affordable and accessible for everyone.

Want to find Health Screening in the North West?

You can find health screening in the North West, here with ABC. Health screening is really important because it can help to reduce the chance of any potential illnesses that could potentially affect your employees’ performance at work. Hence, having regular health screening can help to diagnose conditions early on. ABC offer many different health screens: BMI, CO2 Levels, Dermatology, Audiometry and much more.
Companies need to have control over the noise level at work (Regulations 2005). ABC Northwest health screening nurses can perform a hearing test using a pure-tone audio gram. This instrument uses frequency to get an exact reading of the hearing thresholds. Therefore, this apparatus is extremely accurate and is used within health screening.

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If you are looking for a North West Occupational Health Service or Health Screening in the North West, then come to ABS Northwest. You can contact usvia our website or our friendly team on 08456344168.